Why Use Our Resistance Bands?

All of My Home Gym Life is inspired and designed around our featured product, the Resistance Band Total At Home Package that comes fully equipped with five heavy duty resistance bands with two attachable handles, five mini booty bands, two ankle straps, a door anchor and a travel and storage bag. If you've grown tired of the gym for any reason: expensive monthly memberships, commuting back and forth, crowded gyms, wait times for your favorite machines or just simply never received the proper training to get what you wanted from a gym, then you're not alone. This product is perfect for in home training that allows you to target every single muscle group that an entire gym full of thousands of dollars worth of equipment can provide.
Our My Home Gym Life family firmly believes in these products and use them on a daily basis. They are master planned around efficiency, cost-effectiveness and customizability. Imagine being able to roll out of bed and start your workout. When you're finished, your own personal shower and closet are right there. No more getting in the car and looking for parking, checking in, finding a locker, hoping it's not too crowded or finding your desired machines out of order or under maintenance. 
Maybe you're asking yourself right about now, "well if I wasn't sure how to use the machines at the gym, how are all these bands and accessories going to be any different?" Well we have the solution for you. At My Home Gym Life we regularly post and update the most highly reviewed and product specific workout and training videos that show you exactly how to use them, safely and effectively. If that's not enough and you still need some extra help or want some tips, we're standing by and can respond via email or if you need more direct assistance, we can hop right on an Instagram video call and show you exactly what needs to be done, for free. All you have to do is give us your name and we'll find proof of purchase of any of our products. We're here to be loyal to you as you've been to us.
At-home fitness training is here to stay. It's not just a fad, it's not going away. With the rise of technology and deeper research into the way our bodies work and what we need, it's no secret that the efficacy of resistance bands is legit. At prosourcefit.com they list the nine top reasons for using resistance bands and how they can help you (we've highlighted our favorites). These nine reasons include but aren't limited to:
1. Same Muscle Activity, Less Chance of Injury.
2.Greater Muscle Stimulus
3.Stabilization/Core Activation
4. Improved Strength and Athletic Performance
5. More Exercise Options
6. Inexpensive
7. Ideal for Rehabilitation
8. Stretching and Mobility
9. Perfect for Travel
Resistance bands are for everyone. They're perfect for both men and women of all fitness levels and ages - beginner, intermediate or workout pros. You can use them for HIIT training, cardio, fat loss, muscle growth, toning, sculpting and body building. And we can show you how. Join the movement today!
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