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One of the main reasons we created My Home Gym Life is because we understand if you're like most people, you'd like to save time and money from expensive gym memberships and the commute, let alone have $5,000 laying around to spend on bulky and cumbersome home equipment that require additional subscriptions to watch their videos. Our resistance bands, combined with its packaged handles, door anchor, ankle straps and mini-bands, are guaranteed to do exactly the same things all these expensive equipment can do, in less space, and for pennies on the dollar. The workout and training videos we post for you to follow along with while exercising are all directly related to these specific bands and are completely FREE.
We believe resistance bands are the inevitable fitness foundation of the future, due to their cost-effectiveness, portability and convenience, and that every person who takes training, health or recovery seriously will have a set of them in their homes. Our goal is that when you see what products we offer and understand their efficacy, at the price we offer, you will say "There's no excuse not to get them."
Compare all the prices below to our At Home Total Resistance Band Package, (fully equipped with five resistance tube bands, five mini bands to target your legs and glutes, two attachable handles, one door anchor and two ankle traps) that averages a (believe it or not!) ONE TIME payment of $50. If you don't believe that something so cheap and so lightweight can get you the same results as these massive and expensive equipment can, head over to our articles page and read the research for yourself. Or, watch any of the videos from our videos section and follow along with the exercises and feel it for yourself.
Now, we're not saying that any of this equipment shown here from competitors is of poor quality or won't get you the results, quite the opposite actually. It's great equipment, that ours can do EVERYTHING it can do. But, what you'll never see at My Home Gym Life is an advertisement to SAVE $500, because, well, you can get what you need for $50. You can pay $83 every single month, for the next FOUR YEARS for something that doesn't travel, doesn't fit under your bed and requires a ton of space that can't be negotiated. If you've got $4,000 laying around and an entire room dedicated to this massive piece of equipment, by all means go for it. Or join the movement and try a set of resistance bands that you can take anywhere and stow away in your backpack and see how you feel.
Here's a rowing machine for $1,600. Great piece of equipment dedicated to a singular purpose. Seriously limited amounts of workouts (one), takes up a ton of space, doesn't travel and gets boring quickly. Or take a look at our Total At Home Resistance Band Package for an average price of $59 and never get bored of the same workout over and over, day in and day out. Choice is yours.
Tonal is somewhat of an inspiration for My Home Gym Life, in the sense that when we looked at it, we immediately thought "resistance bands paired with free videos can do all of what they can do, and more, for a tiny fraction of the price." Resistance bands require no installation, no additional accessories and no membership. Our Total At Home Resistance Band Package average price of $59 still beats a singular FOUR YEAR monthly payment of $63 for Tonal.
Now we don't want to kick them when they're down, but, $2,500 for a bulky piece of equipment with a singular focus seems a little much for us here at My Home Gym Life. Want to save money, time and space and get the same type of workout? Our At Home Total Resistance Band Package can blast every muscle in your lower body with seamless positioning adjustments, ankle straps and  door anchor.