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(NEW) Resistance Band Total Package with Bar and Mini Bands

(NEW) Resistance Band Total Package with Bar and Mini Bands

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The #1 featured item we strongly believe in here at My Home Gym Life! The Resistance Band at Home Total Package has EVERYTHING you need to turn your room, into your Home Gym. Yes, everything! This special package now includes a bench press/squat bar for extra added workout combinations. Bands stack up to 250lbs so you have the flexibility of all the machines in a regular gym, right in your hands for a fraction of the price! Not convinced yet or maybe uncertain of how you would use them? No problem, we regularly post videos of trainers using these exact styles of products that you can follow along with, for FREE! We guarantee you'll never feel the need to fork over $40/month for a gym membership, deal with waiting for the machines you want to use or not knowing the last time they've been cleaned.




  1. Five (5) interchangeable and stackable resistance band tubes.
  2. One (1) attachable bench press/squat bar.
  3. Two (2) handles to connect to your resistance band tubes.
  4. One (1) door anchor to seamlessly blast your back, triceps, chest and more.
  5. Two (2) ankle straps for leg exercises.
  6. Five (5) mini resistance bands specifically for lower body sculpting.
  7. One (1) travel and storage bag.


  • Highest quality materials- booty bands are made from soft, skin-friendly fabric, which is extremely durable, and bands will maintain their resistance for a long time.
  • Stretch bands offers effective training. Workout your arms, back, legs, and butt all at once with mobility bands, perfect for for body resistance training and physical therapy to help strengthen torn ligaments or muscles.
  • Used by fitness professionals. Trainers use our bands to create effective fitness & weight loss programs for their clients. Perform low-impact exercises that can help you during physical therapy.
  • Your own personal home gym. This premium resistance band set allow you to perform the widest variety of resistance training exercises possible. Perform full body workouts, strengthen your core, and isolate specific muscle groups. Works well with various exercise programs.
  • Perfect for both men and women of all fitness levels and ages - beginner, intermediate or workout pros. Use them for HIIT training, cardio, fat loss, muscle growth, toning, sculpting and body building.
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